How to Make Your Blogspot Blog Do Follow

As you may already know, this Blogspot directory only accepts Do-Follow Blogs. If you want your site to be included, it has to have a do-follow attribute in the comments area. The purpose of this blog is to promote do-follow blogsites to form a community of blog commentors.

To make your Blogspot a Do-Follow blog, just carefully follow the following steps:

Note: It would be best if you make a backup of your site's template before doing any of these.

1. Log in to your blogspot account and go to the dashboard of the blog that you want to make Do-Follow.

2. Click the Layout tab.

3. Click Edit HTML.

4. Check the Expand Widgets Template checkbox on the upper right corner of the HTML box.

5. Click on the HTML box and bring out the search box (Press Control-F).

6. Search for rel='no-follow'

7. Delete that attribute on the author's URL part.

Disclaimer: Please be very careful that you delete ONLY what is required. Any other changes MAY damage your template.

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